Saturday, January 1, 2011

Silent Auction Chair: Side panels

Side panel: a single iris (after The Iris, May 1889)
This panel is based on the July 1888 painting entitled
The Painter on His Way to Work ...
Unfortunately, the original painting
was destroyed by fire during World War II.
Thankfully there was a coloured photograph of the original.


  1. I am awed by your work Dawn. It is so beautiful!

  2. I popped over from your other blog. This is stunning! I have never seen a painted chair other than wooden ones!

  3. Beautiful Dawn!!
    Great and creative job!


  4. i am crazy in love with your chairs! Kindred spirits. I've collected chairs off the side of the road for 20some years and although I've never gone quite so far with mine, I will now. Not that I have anything near your ability, but I am very courageous. As are you. So glad I happened upon your blogs today.

  5. Your work is so amazing. I have seen other painted chairs before but yours are beautiful.

  6. Hi Dawn, it's Floss, from France! I've come over following the link in your email, and I think these chairs are incredible! They are totally original, and you can't say that in the world of blogging very often, as we influence each other so much. Thanks so much for letting me know about your unique and very special art.

  7. Oh my gosh! When you said paint furniture on your other blog I was curious. You are amazing!!! Very beautiful!