Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chagall inspired Chair (front panel & cushion)

In our life there is a single colour, as on an artist's palette,
which provides the meaning of life and art.
It is the colour of love.
In the past year, life has certainly got in the way of my art, as a result, this chair has taken me over a year to complete. Yes, family and health take priority over such things such as art, so this project has taken a long time to complete. In the end, I am happy with the final result, and maybe because it was a struggle to complete this piece, it is somehow sweeter.
There is plenty of Chagall-like symbolism here. I included an Eiffel Tower ~ one of Chagall's trademarks on the front of the chair.

The seat cushion is reversible. One side is predominately blue and features a heart-shaped bunch of flowers. On the other side, I included a quote by Marc Chagall which reads: "I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment."

1 comment:

  1. Dawn, what a fantastic work of art!!! FABULOUS!!!
    I LOVE IT!!!! Kim