Friday, June 4, 2010

Chair 2: Dawn panel

The second chair I painted, I painted for our home. I thought it appropriate that I do a tribute to Van Gogh's paining, Enclosed Field with Rising Sun, 1889.

I call it Wheatfield's Dawn.

Bright, sunshine-y colours are used on this panel ~ one simply cannot sit in this chair and feel sad.

It's always fun to watch a person who hasn't seen this chair before. They always pause and then ask: "Can I sit in this chair?" When they find out they can, it always brings a big smile to their faces. I like that moment.


  1. So beautiful ! And to be able to sit in such a work of art is definitely a treat !
    Big hugs to you, Artist Friend !

  2. Thank you Kim for you continued support and encouragement ~ always muchly appreciated!